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Aus 8 Charlwood and Catt Olympic 470 Mixed campaign

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Chris and Amelia are currently campaigning for the Paris 2024 Olympic games in sailing. 

The event that we are aiming for gold in is the new Mixed 470 class. This is a two person sailing dinghy which must have one male and one female on board. The reason the International Olympic Committee has brought this new class in, is to reduce the large gender disparity that is seen in many sports , especially sailing. Now both male and female aspiring olympians will have access to the same level of information, wages (albeit not applicable for us) and prestige from their accomplishments. 

After both campaigning for many years in different 470 teams we joined forces in December 2019 and the effects of COVID on our preparations have of course been large. We have been unable to compete internationally together yet, but are hoping to compete in our first events in September and October 2021.

 Your support will allow us to travel internationally to compete against the best in the world, buy the best equipment to be competitive, allow us to take more time off work to invest back into training and pay for the best coaching available.

Your financial contributions will provide the base for our campaign. Sponsorship and donations will help us progress into the future. There are many ways in which you can join and support our team as any donations of money or products are greatly appreciated and needed.

Sport is the ultimate expression of culture. With the introduction of the Mixed 470 World Sailing have indicated that gender equality is high on their agenda, which we believe is an idea well worth supporting. 

Sailing involves taming the raw elements the planet provides, and both Chris and Amelia have seen first-hand the negative impact that pollution has on the planet and seek to be part of the solution. 

Any donation over $2 through the Sports Foundation is tax deductible. If you would prefer to sponsor us please reach out to discuss.

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