About the project

Ride Nation believes that every young person should have equitable access to equipment to allow them to undertake bike education. Providing the opportunity to learn to ride a bike is an investment in a child’s safety, physical and emotional well-being and in helping them to acquire a lifelong skill.

This important life skill enables, not only independence and freedom, but supports health and wellbeing, along with opening pathway opportunities to engage with cycling as a sporting pursuit.

There has been a significant reduction in the number of children who ride their bikes to school, and more generally in their community, in Australia. This is underpinned by parental concerns regarding safety, which is directly related to lack of skill and bike education.

The project will be focussed on primary school age children (5-12 years) who either have not been provided access to bike education or have a low skill level. 

It will be a National program and implemented in specific areas where we have localised engagement with the community to provide on the ground support.

We will focus on schools where equitable access to bikes is a significant barrier to the implementation of bike education programs.

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