About the project

Australian Biathlon is the National Federation for biathlon in Australia, affiliated with the Australian Olympic Committee and the International Biathlon Union. We are the sole pathway to international representation in our exciting winter sport. Our high performance biathletes wishing to compete at the highest level need to travel to the Northern Hemisphere for International Biathlon Union events. The Winter Olympic Sport of biathlon combines small bore shooting with cross country skiing, and attracts the fittest and strongest endurance athletes, who must ski hard against their competitors one minute, then calm their heart rate to shoot accurately at five metal targets, 50 metres away, then race off and ski hard again. It's a challenge for participants and fantastic viewing for spectators!

Our International Travel Assistance project allows for public and corporate donations to support our high performance athletes competing overseas, including for Towards Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. In addition, coaches may be supported to attend training seminars and events for professional development. Both these support types will contribute to an increase in results and overall standards in our highly specialised sport.

Every dollar raised on this page will help our high performance biathletes achieve their potential!

For more information on Australian Biathlon and our several branches, please see our website www.biathlon.asn.au and our Facebook page @AustralianBiathlon, along with Twitter feed @AUSBiathlon and Instagram news at ausbiathlon. You can find our event details at: https://www.biathlon.asn.au/events.html, while for information on biathlon in New South Wales, please see: https://www.biathlon-nsw.com/

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