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The ​2019 International Indigenous Basketball & Cultural Showcase will be held on Thursday, August 22 at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne as a curtain raiser prior to the Australian Boomers vs Team USA exhibition basketball game. Linking this highly profiled match between Australia and the United States, the Indigenous game will showcase Australian Indigenous Basketball (AIB) National Teams and Kanaka Maoli National Teams (Kingdom of Hawai’i). The event will also provide an opportunity to promote the Indigenous cultures of Australia and the United States, ​something that has never been done before at this elite level in Australian basketball.

As the community aspect of the basketball & cultural showcase, a Traditional Welcome Community Event will be held in Mildura, Victoria at Trentham Winery Estate on 19 August 2019. This cultural event will announce a​ community based project which Patty Mills and AIB have partnered with Zero Mass Water to install SOURCE hydropanels in six (6) separate, very remote Aboriginal communities around Australia, that are in desperate need of clean drinking water. These communities include Wilcannia and Walgett (New South Wales), Whitegate (Northern Territory), Oodnadatta (South Australia), Dampier (Western Australia) and Cunnamulla (Queensland).

The event will also raise awareness to life threatening issues Aboriginal communities are facing with water disparity, and provide guests with an authentic cultural experience in Australia’s natural countryside.

Australian Indigenous Basketball (AIB) is a non-profit incorporated association, operating as the national recognised body for Indigenous Basketball in Australia. It’s Mission, ​“To create opportunities that enable Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people of both genders & all ages to participate in the sport from the grassroots to elite levels”.​

AIB celebrates & showcases Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture through the sport of Basketball.

To make the 2019 International Indigenous Basketball & Cultural Showcase a reality, AIB are currently fundraising in an effort to help cover the costs associated with the event.

Please make your tax-deductible donation to this unique cultural and sporting cause today, by clicking on the button.




  • Kathleen Robishaw

    This donation is in honor of the marriage of Patty Mills and Alyssa Levesque. They are very involved with this project.

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    Congratulations to Patti and Alyssa. Will and Terri Sevening

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    What a great cause!

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    To Patty & Alyssa: Love your involvement in this. And, can't wait to hear of all the amazing updates.

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    Patty and Alyssa Mills thank you for letting us partake in your amazing wedding celebration!

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    Donation made in honor of Patty and Alyssa Mills Wedding! Amazing cause - keep up the great work! Lots of love! Ryan & Finleigh

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    Patty & Alyssa, we love you! We are so happy to help and be part of such an amazing idea and project. Good Luck! Love you, Mom & Dad

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    Wishing you the very best for this exciting opportunity!

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    Congratulations to Patty and Alyssa Mills on their wedding and on their effort supporting the Australian Sports Foundation

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