About the project

The Australian Karate Federation is the national governing body of karate in Australia recognised and endorsed by the federal government, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Sports Commission. The AKF is a member of the World Karate Federation (WKF). The WKF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as representing the sport of Karate. The AKF is the Australian Government recognised body to conduct NCAS (coaching) and NOAS (officiating) accreditation courses for karate.

The purpose of the AKF is to diffuse true Karate to the community, to foster Karate on a National level, to develop the art of Karate as well as the spirit and physical culture of the members of the Association and to standardise grading’s. The AKF also provides opportunities for Australian Karate practitioners from grass roots, through to National Representation at accredited international events. AKF also works closely with State governing bodies in developing the Karate community within Australia. It shall cover all practitioners of Karate in the Commonwealth of Australia.

This fundraising program will support three tiers of Australian Karate participants.  Grass roots participation, athlete travel costs and coaches/volunteer training and development programs.
At present all karate representative athletes in Australia are self funded.  A targeted fundraising program will allow better talent identification and athlete development as we head towards our federations Olympic goals.

AKF will also use funds to assist members in developing programs aimed at increasing participation levels amongst targeted groups, for example but not limited to, lower socio economic areas, supporting new Australians by providing links/pathways to community involvement.

By partnering with the Australian Sports Foundation, the AKF will be able to engage with corporate partners in a greater effort to assist AKF in delivering on its core values including: To support, develop, protect and advance the practice of Karate throughout the Commonwealth of Australia.


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