About the project

The Australia men’s handball team is heading to South Korea on the 12th of January to compete in the 18th Asian Championships for a spot at the 2019 World Championship.


The 'Aussie Crocs' will be fighting to return to World Champs for the first time since 2013 and take the first steps towards qualification for The Tokyo Olympics. Now the team needs your help to return to the World Stage!


Every little bit helps! Unlike most other Olympic sports in Australia, handball receives only a minuscule funding allocation from the Olympic committee, which means players must make a huge financial commitment to chase their Olympic dreams. Players and staff of the National Team have to pay for their own expenses, from playing gear and balls to airfares and accommodation when travelling for training camps or international events. As a result, all of our players are forced to juggle full-time work or study with training in order to fund their passion for handball and its development in our region.


This is where YOU can help.


Every little donation counts and will go a long way towards relieving that financial pressure from the team and helping the Green & Golds make history!


What's all this money for?

Travelling half way around the globe for a group of 16 players and five staff (coaches, manager, physiotherapists, etc.) comes at a cost. In order to attend, each player will need to commit approximately $4,000 to cover airfares, accommodation, uniforms and tournament fees. The bulk of funds raised will go directly to airfares and accommodation for the Asian Championships.


Wearing the green and gold jersey is a privilege and not something our players take lightly. Regardless of what the odds are for our Aussie Crocs they will leave their heart on the court and will fight until the very last minute, hoping to make YOU and Australia proud.


If you cannot contribute financially, we also appreciate moral support in the form of social media posts. Be sure to use our hashtag #CrocsinKorea and share this page with family and friends. Thank you all for supporting the team on this amazing journey!


Aussie Aussie Aussie......

You are required to enter an Australian address when donating, if you are donating from outside of Australia simply enter Handball Australia's address.
Address - PO Box 6471
City - Silverwater 
State - NSW
Postcode - 1181

  • Maria Abela

    Go Sebastian!!!!

  • Emily Salinas

    Do us proud

  • Lena Sutton

    Best of luck Kris and all the lads in Korea

  • Bronwyn Thompson

    Have a fantastic campaign guys - looking forward to following your progress.

  • John Calvert

    Good luck in Korea boys, show them our fighting spirit.

  • Marco Camenisch

    it's a good felling to help my friends in Australia. I wish you all a Merry Christmas an all the best for the New Year from Switzerland.

  • Jonte Metaxas

    Go get em my bro 👊🏼💯❤️

  • Helena Sutton

    play your best and enjoy

  • Peter Allemyr

    Go Aussie Crocs! Your fans in Sweden

  • Caleb Gahan

    Killing it boys

  • Emil Kureer

    I hope you win honey! Please make me proud Lucas Bastin. All the love from your lovely girlfriend. ps. Emil paid, because i got no money.

  • Nicklas Beran Bergstroem

    Love sports - Love Bastin - please mention me!

  • Sophia Ryberg

    This money is for supporting Lucas Bastin, my very good friend. I hope you win.

  • Susan WG

    Good luck to the Aussie Crocs. You are a team worthy of support. You know the meaning of hard work and passion for your sport. You never let us down.

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