About the project

Autism Swim is the only certifying body in the world specific to autism and aquatics. Autism Swim is the only organisation in the world targeting water safety and swimming for those with other abilities, by working directly with the individuals themselves, their parents, aquatic professionals and the wider community.

Our mission saves lives.

We are largely reliant on the generosity of others to support us on our mission of inclusion, fun and safety for everyone. With the water being such an iconic part of Australia's culture, it is essential that all Australians are taught how to be water safe and how to swim. Individuals with other abilities need to be taught this in a way that is conducive to their needs, and this is where Autism Swim comes in!

What do we do?

  1. We work with aquatic professionals, providing them with training, resources and support to be inclusive and to teach in ways that are conducive to everyone's needs
  2. We work with parents, providing them with vital wandering and drowning prevention education and support
  3. We run specialised programs such as modified nippers and surf education
  4. We run community education initiatives on how to keep vulnerable people safe around the water
  5. We are soon to launch a water safety App for individuals with other abilities, all over the world. This will be the first of its kind.

Our fundraising objectives include:

  1. Increasing the amount of aquatic professionals qualified to teach those with other abilities, by offering scholarships. This in turn would lead to thousands more individuals receiving the support that they need in and around the water
  2. Covering some of the associated costs with our modified nippers and surf education programs
  3. Running more community awareness campaigns
  4. Purchasing much-needed equipment
  5. Providing more wandering and drowning prevention support to parents
  6. Developing a worldwide surfing teacher certification for those with ASD and other abilities

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to this campaign are now tax-deductible. 

We believe every child has the right to survive and thrive in the water, and we hope that you do too!

Please show your support by donating today!


  • Sherry Johnson

    I taught special education. It is amazing what you are doing after all your health problems. Good luck!!!

  • Greg Pagendam-Turner

    Keep up the great work. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

  • Taysha Blessington

    Thank you for the amazing work you do!

  • Alice Zhong

    Happy 4th birthday to you guys, so much accomplishment and great work done! Keep it up :)

  • Dave Le Shirley

    Dear Autism Swim. Please accept this donation from Construction-Recruitment. We are proud to support such a good cause as part of our company's "Community" value and hope very much to be able to contribute more throughout the rest of this year. Keep up the great work. Best regards Dave Le Shirley

  • Belinda Weeks

    Thank you for providing a wonderful and meaningful service to our community, but more than that, a safe and fun way for kids with ASD to learn water safety and have fun!

  • Scott Walters

    May our support help to reduce these horrific statistics and enable more people with ASD to enjoy the water in safety.

  • Georgia Robson

    Thanks for bringing these horrifying statistics to light. But thanks more, for being the only organisation world wide taking positive action to improve these statistics.

  • Ian and Evelyn Platus

    Very thankful you have taken the iniative to offer this service to the little guys. Wishing you every success

  • Adam Robson

    Prekaro Projects are proud to support the great work Autism Swim are achieving. The community efforts, programs, training to aquatic provides and educational videos make AS an industry leader. Keep it up AS!

  • Sheryl Deubler

    All the best with the fundraising for such a special cause.

  • Linda Chong

    Go Autism Swim. You are doing a great job with the kids.

  • Carol Anne Procter

    Amazing global connections being made with instructors and professionals in this field, all raising awareness and helping families and children improve their quality of life - such a worthwhile initiative - thank you Autism Swim!)

  • Brith McLaren

    As an Autism Swim Approved Teacher I am happy to help Autism Swim help me become a better teacher for people with ASD and other abilities. They have supported me from day one, and have been able to help out in situations when I needed the help. I think all swim teachers should become Autism Swim teachers, it will make huge difference in the way we teach children not just with ASD but all children. They are all unique in their way and they all learn differently. Brith

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