About the project

April marks Autism Awareness Month!

Autism Swim are raising the bar by ditching the word Awareness and replacing it with Inclusion.

Awareness is fantastic - BUT Inclusion is where the party is at friends. It is one epic party you want to be at!

Dive in with us at Autism Swim this April and SWIM YOUR WAY!

All you need to do is pledge to a goal (or multiple goals) for the month, and seek contributions to encourage you to meet those goals.

Pledge how you will Swim Your Way during Autism Inclusion Month and fundraise with Autism Swim. 

Sign up for $25 (AUD) on our website and you will get all you need to help Autism Swim continue on their mission to help prevent the Wandering and Drowning statistics, to keep people with other abilities safe and provide international education programs. 

You will receive an AS T-shirt, access to our Swim Your Way Facebook Group, loads of SWIM-spiration, instructions on fundraising and plenty more. 

The water and swimming is unique to all of us and we think being unique is pretty awesome. SO, Swim Your Way, choose your own goals for Autism Inclusive Month and let’s cheer each other on. Here are some examples:

  • Safely immerse yourself in a safe body of water
  • Swim laps
  • Practice a stroke
  • Get your head underwater in the bath tub
  • Drink more water
  • Jump in the bath tub twice a week
  • Get your feet wet in a bucket of water

Let’s see what the most creative SWIM-spiration is and how YOU Swim Your Way!


  • Sue Mazur

    We found you guys through Construction Recruitment's post and totally agree - we think unique is pretty awesome too - and - we think Autism Swim is awesome too. SWIM YOUR WAY champions and here's to meeting your goals.

  • Mario Marfella

    As a Lifeguard I would love to see everyone to swim in the Ocean in a safe way, especially for those one that need a bit more attention.....so let’s everyone donate to see more smiles in water :-)

  • Nabeel Qureshi

    Good luck kids - well done!

  • Bree Walker

    Thanks so much for doing this Kate!! An awesome cause xo

  • Jane Lang

    Well done Kate - just keep swimming 🥰

  • Chloe Alder

    Team Harley, Jasper and Annabelle!

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