About the project

Avalon Sailing Club is a family-oriented sailing club, sited at Clareville, on Pittwater.

Founded in 1938, with the clubhouse built in 1958, the Club has a proud history of offering a small, friendly environment for people of all ages and sailing interests. The Club promotes all aspects of sailing: dinghy racing, yacht racing and cruising and just having fun in boats.

After successfully completing an access ramp for people with a disability and replacing the rigging deck, we are now ready to embark on the next infrastructure upgrade - the clubhouse itself.

Project Highlights

The change in usage of the Club over the past decades has highlighted the inadequacies of our facilities and the fact the clubhouse predates modern building codes.

The focus of this project is to provide substantially enhanced facilities for club members and the many community groups that use the clubhouse.

In particular the project’s aims are to:

  • Cater for increased numbers of children learning to sail at the Club.
  • Allow visitors and sailors with disabilities to use the facilities of the clubhouse.

These aims will be achieved by:

  1. Upgrading the male and female change rooms and toilets.
  2. Replacing the verandah to modern requirements.
  3. Relocating the internal access stairs to meet modern safety standards.
  4. Building an accessible toilet.
  5. Relocating the administration office.

You can be part of this project

Avalon Sailing Club is a family club for the fostering, encouragement, promotion, teaching and above all, enjoyment of sailing on the waters of Pittwater.

The Club has followed this ethos for more than 75 years and in that time has trained many of Sydney’s leading sailors.

This project can be undertaken in several stages so, although the fundraising goal is large and the timeframe of four to five years is long, with your support this project can move forward quickly.

It is simple to make a tax-deductible donation using the online form and be proud to have contributed to the success of the Club for the next 75 years.

For more information speak with James, the Club’s secretary, on 0435 635 878.


  • Martin Didsbury

    To assist in the continuing upgrade of the 60 year old Clubhouse

  • Martin Hickling

    To help with the deck project

  • Janette Evans

    For use in the Clubhouse Upgrade & Modernisation Fund

  • James George

    A donation to help with the renovation of the sixty-year-old clubhouse.

  • Simon Hill

    To keep ASC the best sailing club in Sydney

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