About the project

Why would you donate to the Avalon Sailing Club?

Avalon Sailing Club is a family club for the fostering, encouragement, promotion, teaching and above all, enjoyment of sailing on the waters of Pittwater.

The Club has followed this ethos for more than 75 years and in that time has trained many of Sydney’s leading sailors.

In particular the Club is the only club on Pittwater with the facilities to provide double-handed sail training so that children develop skills working as a team comprising crew and skipper.

Your donations will support this wonderful community facility.

The Club has a continual need for boats and equipment 

Over the years numerous classes of dinghies have been sailed at the Club, and currently we have active class sailing for Manly Juniors, Flying Elevens, O’pen BIC, Spirals and Lasers.

Our Club hosts a growing learn-to-sail programme which caters for both novices and junior sailors who are trained in our fleet of Nippas - a small dinghy designed by our patron, Iain Murray, in 2004.

We need to upgrade our fleet and equipment to:

  • meet the growth in junior sailors,
  • provide spare boats for families wishing to rent a boat before purchasing their own,
  • maintain and upgrade our support boats.

Your donation will make a difference

Your donation will:

  1. Contribute directly to the enthusiasm of the children and the vibrancy of the Club
  2. Help purchase new equipment that is a great motivator for involvement and learning
  3. Ensure the success of our training programmes.  

We have set a goal of $11,500 to be raised in the first year. This will allow us to purchase an extra Nippa, life jackets, sails and other equipment to support the fleet.

Over the five-year period we aim to replace the entire Blue Group fleet with a new type of training dinghy.

Did you know?

Using the simple online donation form you can opt to make a one-off or recurring donation which is tax deductible.

With your support we can keep progressing and offering the opportunity to learn to sail, race and have a wonderful lifetime in this sport.

For more information speak to Paul, the Club Captain, on 0466 745 960


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