About the project

Badminton is one of the highest participation sports in Australia as well as being the fastest racquet sport in the world.

Badminton Australia and its Junior High Performance Committee would like to provide more support to our young athletes (Under 15, 17, 19) to help them achieve their potential and aspirations.

With limited government funding, the task is a difficult one. Badminton receives very little media coverage in Australia and hence our funding opportunities are limited. Therefore, we are calling out to all badminton enthusiasts and the wider public that would like to see everyone get a fair go in sport.

We wish to offer our elite juniors more support through training camps, coaching, athlete support services and much more. There are also several important events throughout the junior badminton calendar including the Youth Olympics and World Junior Championships.  

We are looking to take our top junior players to the next level and to raise the profile of our sport. Please support our fund by making a tax-deductible donation today.


  • Sharath Valoth

    Happy to help with anything related to Badminton! :) Happy Badminton!

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