About the project

When the first game of Basketball was played in Ballarat on May 7th 1909 the participants had little idea of the foundation they were laying for the future generations. From these humble beginnings the Ballarat Basketball Association has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most successful Basketball Associations producing some of the country’s most talented sportsmen and women. Olympians Robin Maher (Gull), Ray Borner and Alison Tranquilli (Cook) as well as NBL and WNBL championship winning players Braith Cox and Kellie Abrams all started their stellar careers in the junior development programs of Basketball Ballarat.

Junior development is an important part of the culture of any sporting association and Basketball Ballarat sees this as one of its highest priorities.

To ensure that the juniors of today become the champions of tomorrow Basketball Ballarat has established the Ballarat Basketball Foundation. This Foundation has been established in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) which provides tax deductible status for donations of $2 or over to the ASF. 


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