About the project

The Ballarat High School Boat Club was established in 1974 to help raise funds for the purchase of new equipment and improved facilities, for the Ballarat High School students to have a fair opportunity to compete on a level playing field in rowing. 

Since inception, the Boat Club has raised an average of $30,000 per year, sometimes up to $70,000! This has help fund and support 3 boat shed extensions and the purchase of 40 boats, plus other equipment.

Through the School's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the Boat Club are tax-deductible and can assist the Rowing program in the following areas:

  • equipment upgrades
  • facility improvements
  • coaching
  • travel to regatta and training camp
  • recording the history of rowing at Ballarat High School

So please show your support for current and future student rowers at Ballarat High School by donating today!

  • Geoff Robinson

    Ex BHS student, Cox and rower

  • Caitlin McConachy

    Sorry I missed our 30th Anniversary celebration of the 1991 Double!

  • Matthew and Sarah Stowe

    Our two boys Liam and Sam have absolutely loved being part of the Ballarat High rowing team this season. They have made friends with a wider range of their peers, are getting amazingly fit, developing their self esteem and learning independence. What a fantastic program run by such a dedicated team. We look forward to helping with a donation in the next few years to come.

  • Kylie May

    Sorry we couldn’t attend the fundraising dinner. From the May family (Allira May)

  • Daniel Moloney

    Go High School!

  • Leonie Chick

    Happy to support Ballarat High School Boat Club. Many great memories & a fabulous sport. Girls First Crew 1988/89

  • Mary Werry

    Let's make it happen!

  • Donna McGilligan

    Class of 87

  • Cindy Bell

    Class of 87

  • Bernardine Wise

    class of 87

  • Darren Ooi

    class of 87

  • Sharon Tainsh

    1st Crew member 1994 - proud to be able to donate to ensure other girls have the opportunities I was so lucky to have #supportyoursport #blessed #duty

  • Donna McGilligan

    Class of 87

  • Haydn Swan

    Razzle Dazzle Ladies

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