About the project

Balmain Para Rowing Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Balmain Para Rowing Program Inc. Through the Foundation, individuals and groups are able to support the growth of para rowing at the community level.

The Balmain Para Rowing program was established to provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to experience the sport of rowing. The program provides them with the tuition and training to develop skills necessary to row and enjoy the sport recreationally and, over time competitively, if they wish.

Rowing provides its participants with an enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy, and to socialise with sport minded people. Rowing has given many para rowers already involved in the program a new direction and purpose in their lives. They have overcome difficulties and inspired others by their courage and determination. The involvement of persons with disabilities in rowing has increased significantly over the past few years with many competing beyond the local club level to the State, National and International regattas.

BPRP also provides encouragement for experienced para rowers to take their rowing to higher levels by competing at National and International regattas. It was instrumental in organising the largest field of para rower competitors ever, at the 2015 Australian National Rowing Championship Regatta. For a second year in succession, the Balmain Para Rowing Program has a member representing Australia at the rowing World Cup.

Para rowers require additional and different equipment to able bodied rowers, to cater for their disability and meet additional safety levels. The costs involved in running any rowing program are significant. For a para rowing squad, it is even higher because of the specialised equipment required for each individual rower.

BPRP relies on the support of donors and fundraising to meet these cost and ensure the continuing growth of the program at the community level. All our coaches and helpers volunteer their time. Currently the Foundation has two projects to which donors may give their support - Equipment program and Team Travel program.

Donations to these projects are tax deductible. Donors can nominate which project they wish to support and the donation will be used for the purpose specified by that project. Alternatively a donor may make a donation to the Foundation fundraising program and that donation will be used to meet the most urgent need of the program.

All donations will help us achieve our goal to enhance and maintain the current programs while expanding it to accommodate all persons with disabilities who wish to give rowing a go.


  • michael Joukowsky

    good luck

  • John Limbers

    Go Ruby Sutherland

  • Greg James

    Go Balmain Para Rowers!

  • Meeda Jacobs

    Go Balmain Para Rowers!

  • Lauren Frost

    A donation on behalf of my little sister Alex who has recently found her passion for rowing and would want others to find theres too!

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