About the project

The Barwon Sports Academy is a key initiative of the G21 Sport and Recreation pillar. Established in 2007, the BSA joined 5 other regional academies in supporting the talented athletes in our regions so that our young people have the same opportunities as their peers in the city. Since the inception we have become a source of cooperation and a conduit between services for sport and athletes. The academies purpose is to identify, support and further develop the sport related skills, personal abilities and health and well being of talented athletes in the Barwon region through;
  • forming partnerships with state and local sporting associations and local service providers.
  • provision of relevant advice, services and programs for athletics and their coaches.
  • monitoring of related outcomes.
In 2015 the BSA have 9 partner sports and this year we have 11 individual athletes from various other sports. Members of the BSA are offered weekly strength and conditioning, gym membership at Leisure-link, medical network, expert coaching opportunities, quality education sessions (nutrition, goal setting, sports psychology, injury prevention, leadership, driver safety, public speaking etc) as well as advice on travel, funding support and mentoring. The Barwon Sports Academy has registered a fundraising program with the ASF. It encapsulates 3 key areas that individuals can contribute to in order to help the academy achieve our strategic objectives. The Inner Sanctum program (Friends of BSA), Athlete Pathway High Performance and our Bis Sport grants program. Donations are fully tax deductible and each donation will play a vital role in ensuring the development of these critical areas. Donors can select a specific project to donate to or alternatively, general donations can be made to the Barwon Sports Academy. By contributing to the Barwon Sports Academy you are helping us provide opportunities for young people to follow their dreams, reach their full potential and become positive role models and leaders in our community. In addition to providing tax deductibility all BSA disbursements are fully endorsed by the ASF, providing assurance for the donor.


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