About the project

At Bellatrixx we are fundraising to put on a Muay Thai Workshop to encourage women to try Muay Thai and participate in sport. At Bellatrixx training we collectively draw upon our own knowledge and years of experience working with women and girls to become confident proactive members of our community. Each trainer at Bellatrixx is passionate about giving women the skills and tools to feel confident in their mental and physical ability through the art of Muay Thai. In the 3 hour workshop we aim to teach basic moves to give women a fighting chance, make them fall in love with the sport and the discipline of Muay Thai.

Our mission

Bellatrixx is committed to providing all girls and women with a space to set goals and explore their potential within the sport of Muay Thai.

Content covered in the workshop

  1. What basic gear do you need to take up the sport of Muay Thai?
  2. How to wrap your hands for Muay Thai.
  3. How to warm up your body before you start training.
  4. Basic stance & footwork.
  5. The Art of Eight Limbs, basic strikes including;
  6. Punches
  7. Elbows
  8. Kicks
  9. Knees
  10. Padholding.
  11. Basic Combos.
  12. Cool down/stretching.
  13. The health benefits of training the Art of Muay Thai for a healthy body & mind. How to get started training.

Class format

This fun and supportive workshop, provides women with an introduction to learning Muay Thai. In just three hours, women will learn to find their inner warrior, to unleash their new found confidence upon the world. Women will be taught by our amazing female instructors who are accomplished role models within the community and are passionate about providing the necessary foundation needed to become confident and competent in the sport. These exercises are done with a partner so they can bring a friend or make a new one!

Participants will receive a take home booklet and hand wraps.

At Bellatrixx we encourage all women to continue learning and developing their new found skills and offer various types of additional group fitness classes that are designed to instil confidence, physical strength and mental capacity. We offer beginner to professional Muay Thai classes to further develop your skills and mental toughness, some of our girls have proudly represented our gym in competition and we are encouraging all girls and women to enjoy the art of Muay Thai.

If you would like to see more women competing in the ring or stay fit and healthy please make a tax deductible donation today to support and encourage our girls!

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