About the project

BYS is looking to purchase a J70 to support the retention and development of BYS youth and female sailing members.

The research done by Australian Sailing in general shows that once junior members reach university age, they drop out of sailing due to parental support ceasing and sailing programs clashing with university timetables. To retain these members, club's need to be able to supply boats at a reasonable cost, support participation and create programs that align with university timetables and focus on social engagement.

Furthermore, the research on female participation in sailing and sport in general shows females are looking for a club that offers sailing programs that allow flexibility, variety, fun and the ability for participants to set and achieve their own goals through the use of club boats, good coaching/mentoring and with likeminded women.

Your support for this club project is vital and through our partnership with the Australian Sport Foundation, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. So please donate today!

  • Paul Leeds

    '" I'M alive and well and nothing in the world will beat me '' An appropriate sentiment in today's environment

  • Alister and Heather Danks

    A great initiative. It's great to see so many youth out racing the J's.

  • Ben Willee

    Great cause

  • John and Georgina Plumridge

    John and I look forward to seeing the development of this fund and the sailing opportunities it affords our BYS Membership

  • Scott Hailes

    What a great idea and thank you to the current owner.

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