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Fundraising Goal: $100,000

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The Bridgewater Football Netball Club is situated 40km North of Bendigo in central Victoria. We are a rural sporting club that provide both social and recreational needs of our community. Our community not only consist of the people living in the district, but also we offer our club to individuals who are from outside of our community, looking for a social and sporting environment that can't be found in larger cities. We foster a family atmosphere, that is making our club one that people want to become part of. We endeavour to instill in the younger generation a feeling of belonging and to develop there social skills. We also have from time to time be able to assist in employment.

We want to provide the local women of our township and the wider community with the dignity of being able to get changed in a modern and clean space.  Women make up 50% of our participants at our club and their contribution is significant.  We need to provide the ladies of our club better showering facilities; to be able to have a hot shower after a wet day at netball or cool down after a hot sunny day of tennis.  Currently on Saturday's, most of the girls get changed courtside or at there car, because about 3 people can comfortably fit in the small space that we do have.  

Many other clubs in our league have beautiful and substantial facilities for there members and we are lacking in this department.  We want to encourage the women in our area to participate in sport and enjoy the social aspects that we can provide and the BFNC. 

We have fantastic netball/tennis courts that can and should be used by people with disabilities, but sadly our current rest rooms do not provide access to people with a disability.  One of our core values as a country club is to promote inclusion, and prevent people in our community from feeling isolated and while we have ramp access to our club rooms we do not have any access to our toilets.  We are an ageing community with a declining population in the Loddon Shire and our club brings together all age ranges from children to the elderly.  We want dignified, equitable and achievable access to the buildings and facilities at our club rooms, providing access to facilities that do not discriminate any person, elderly disable or otherwise. 

Improved facilities will enhance our ability to promote participation in multiple sports in our community currently including netball, football, tennis, cricket and group fitness.   Our clubhouse is not just used for sport, but also hosts a range of events such as the 'Mothers Day Classic' fundraiser for breast cancer, a meeting place for wakes where the BFNC often host and provide the food and other events as needed by the community.

We also have two old wooden light towers that desperately need replacing, to improve safety for all that use the oval and surrounds.

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