About the project

For more than 60 years our boys have enjoyed the tradition and challenges of this sport. Without the generous donations of individual supporters over many years and the hard work of the Meliora Club, decades of boys simply would never have ‘got on the water’ at all. This hasn’t changed.

Fundraising for boat replacement will always be necessary. Your support will not only help to purchase much needed equipment, it will also ensure that current and future BGS rowers have the opportunity to experience the unique personal growth and development that comes through involvement with a successful rowing program.


I encourage you to show your support for Brighton Grammar School’s rowing program.


Richard Bartlett.

*All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

  • Peter Scott

    Go Tonners

  • John Manolitsas

    Go Tonners! Make it 4 seconds and beat the Scotchies!

  • Gary Simmons

    Go BGS rowing team!

  • Steven Scally

    Go Tonners!

  • Rob Holding

    Do a shoey Barto! Go Tonners!

  • Brett Williams

    Go Hudson Project

  • Jared Otto

    Go Tonners!

  • Jake Selleck

    Best of luck boys!!

  • Rob Stewart

    Go Brighton!! Success in 2019!

  • Justin Hoy

    Good luck Tonners

  • Patch Clapp

    Good luck lads! Give it everything

  • Stuart Keen

    Go boys

  • Mitchell Betts

    Go hard 2019

  • Rowena and Tim Keen

    Wishing BGS the best of luck for the 2018-19 season.

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