About the project

The school has no goal posts and the children and PE staff would love to have them. We will raise money for 2 sets of posts. Children will be able to use them before school, lunchtime, after school and during PE classes.

Please show you support for this vital project by making a tax deductible donation today!

  • Platinum Plaster Damiano

    Good Work Scotty

  • nicholas paltoglou

    this is for the Firelalls Point Post

  • Kate Coath

    Great to contribute to a project that gets kids out of the house, huffing and puffing in a healthy environment and enjoying the benefits of sport.


    We love Brighton Primary!!

  • Andy Mullins

    Play nicely kids!!!

  • Scott Bull

    Scotty you are a superb human being. Good looking, funny, generous.... I love you. From Scotty Bull

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