About the project

Why support rowing? Rowing is a sport like no other. It helps our teenagers become organised, disciplined, team players who know what it means to work hard. Rowing builds character. At the same time, rowing requires significant resources. Boats, oars, tinnies, cox boxes, trailers... the list goes on.

In 2016, BSHS rowing aims to raise $25,000 to support ongoing replacement of equipment. This year we are seeking to add tinnies and a new Eight to the sheds. With up-to-date equipment we reduce maintenance and ensure our kids have every opportunity to achieve their best.

How can you help?

Supporters have the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation to support the BSHS rowing program via the Australian Sports Foundation ( ASF). All funds raised via the ASF go directly towards capital items for the rowing program that benefit boys and girls all year round.

Please make a donation today! Our coaches, our kids and our supporters thank you for your support.


  • Mi Ra Kim

    Hope that BSHS Rowing program will be achieving with helping donation!!

  • Grant Pollard

    It has been great to be part of the BSHS rowing community this year - good luck with this years events

  • Andrew Clatworthy

    Go BSHS Rowing

  • John Cristaudo


  • Andrew Clatworthy

    Train hard boys

  • Year 11 1st VIII

    Team hard boys

  • Frank

    Good luck guys

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