About the project

Season 2020 is like no other, potentially it won't even be a season. As we wait for the VAFA's decision on whether or not a season will commence we are continuing to provide a safe and inclusive sporting environment for people to enjoy their football and train. This doesn't happen easily in the current circumstances, nor does it come cheaply. Additional resources and equipment to adhere to the local, state and federal restrictions have provided the club and its committee a challenge like no other.

Regardless of the VAFA's decision on returning to play or not, the club will run at a significant loss financially for the year. If we get to have a season we will have all of the costs associated with half a season plus the additional costs related to the COVID restrictions and the additional insurance needed because of the pandemic.

All of these costs will be incurred without the income from a majority of our sponsors, who have themselves been hit hard by the downturn, as well as the loss from function profits, canteen and bar takings. If the VAFA rules there is no 2020 season we will still incur significant affiliation fees from the VAFA to ensure that the competition is ready to go in 2021, which we accept as needed.

Most of us have felt the effects of the pandemic, but many of you have also experienced the great place that is the Brunswick Football Club.

Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to this fundraising campaign are tax-deductible.

We are asking for your support in a time of need to allow us to be fully ready for whatever the rest of 2020 throws at us, and look to help sustain this great club beyond the COVID situation.

  • Michael Nunan

    Follow your dreams

  • Doug Millen

    Go you good things!

  • Sasha Dougherty

    Best local club going around, wouldn't wanna be with any other. Go Renos!

  • Jed Carey

    I love the club and organization. Well done to everyone who makes the wheels turn and maintains the fantastic culture!

  • Nick Burgin

    Love this club

  • Leonie Hennessy

    Thinking of you all, especially the people behind the scenes during this time. All the best, good luck with the campaign. Looking forward you seeing you all playing again soon šŸ†

  • Kim Hennessy

    Good luck with the fundraising. Happy to contribute to such a great club with great people.


    Great Club. Where memories are made!

  • Lauren Hagan

    Love this club! Renegades to win the flag 2021!

  • Kate Sullivan

    Take more than a virus to keep the 'gades down.

  • Dom Butera

    Great footy club, NOB's to Brunswick, continue to grow

  • Bernie Sullivan

    One Missile down this year, another junior missile on the way

  • Judith Fisher

    #1 WAG

  • Kelly Dungate

    Very thankful to be part of a such a great club

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