About the project

Court Surface Maintenance (Repairs, surface recoat and new line markings:)

In early 2015 the Club unveiled a Plaque to mark the official opening of three newly Rebound Ace surfaced tennis courts at Bungendore Park Tennis Club to the Bungendore community. The project was only made possible through the generous assistance of the Australian Sports Foundation, Bendigo Community Bank and the Martin Family. Alas almost five years has passed and the courts are in need of maintenance but we are still repaying the loan which got us our new courts back in 2015. So we need help with funding this important court maintenance work. Looking forward to 2025 when will will have do similar maintenance work, we will have repaid our loan, be on a sustainable financial footing and be able to self-fund future maintenance work of this kind. In the meantime, help from the Bendigo Community Bank will get us across the line this time!

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