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About the project

The Cairns MTB club are looking to build 4 new trails in the Smithfield MTB park in 2021, we are hoping the local riding community and local business can pitch in the help make that happen

Trails on the build plan are

Trail 1 - Blue grade jump trail starting at the peak of Black snake Trail and finishing up at the main trailhead, with up to 15 jumps in this trail it is what the park has been missing and will be perfect addition to the park, Riders of all skills will be able to practice and perfect jumping on a safe purpose built trail

Trail 2 - Green flow trail for beginners and kids located towards the end of the current greenfield's trail, This addition will inject a new excitement level to the greenfield's trails and show new riders what mtb is all about

Trail 3 - New exit for Pipeline, from the beginning pipeline was always meant to finish over at the Blue/Black marlin climb junction, the new ending will add a extra 350mtr of air flow style trail to the end of pipeline, thus allowing the current road exit to become a climb again, which will allow riders to have a short climb to a nice short air flow trail or black tech trail

Trail 4 - Continuation of the ring road bypass to MP39 and new junction trail.

Linking off the new Greenfield's trail, riders will be able to loop back over to the new Pipeline exit or in the Ring road bypass, creating a good base 5k green loop with blue options for new riders, along with this work we will continue the current ring road bypass all the way to the shuttle road

Trail 5 - Rebuild of Caterpillars in to a beginners jump trail, and extending the trail all the way down to wobbegong, bringing this track back to former glory and added even more fun by making it longer!

included in this is a realignment to centipede climb to have it start from the world cup DH bridge

SO WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP !, If you ride in the park or love what the Cairns MTB Club does all we ask is for $20 tax deductible donation,

The club has about half of what is needed to build 2 of the 4 trails but we want to build all 4 !, how good would it be to do all 4!

If you love riding in Smithfield help us to make it even better


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