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The cairns mtb club has big plans from 2023, of the back of crankworx its time to make Smithfield a even better place to ride and better place to visit

we are looking to add in some vital links that the park is missing to hopefully will get everyone excited

The club has been saving all our donations and race entry money, along with crankworx volunteer money / specialised dig day bike raffle money / a few key grants, we are in a really good position to deliver all of these projects in 2023, we just need a little more help to get it all done as we want to get them all across the line for you guys to have plenty of new stuff to ride and enjoy

so all we ask is $20, there is over 2000 riders a week use the park so we would be there in no time, cant spare $20 hey ditch the coffee for a day and donate your coffee money,


Number 1 - Blue descent from top of Rocky dingo down to centipede,

what was once a plan to be a climb we have fipped course and decided to make it a brand new descent to run along side the black rocky dingo,

some minor works down lower and changing the climb up from Jacobs ladder back into a down it will allow riders to have a full blue run from top to bottom

Number 2 - Complete the beginners loop

We have been chipping away at beginners loop for sometime now, works completed are

bridges over the creeks, echidna, scrub turkey, new Greenfield's ending

so all is left to do is link from Greenfield new exit across on to ring road bypass, plus rebuild and re aligned blue marlin to be more beginner friendly and so it joins into MP39

Number 3 - Rainforest adventure trail

Planning a fresh new build in a new section of the park between the end of centipede and vines, this trail would include a new exit from centipede and a new entry for pipeline/wobbegong

this is plenty of room in this zone to create a next blue 1.5km climb with a 1.2km descent, think a smaller pipeline, ( possibly with beginner table top jumps)

Number 4 - Pipeline Rebuild

Needs no explaining really, this trail gets a lot of traffic and the downhill berms cop a lot of breaking holes, volunteers just cant fix it all, so we will get the professionals in to bring it back to brand new again

Number 5 - Hand built black trail from rocky dingo down past old castle ( rock spider)

Trail crew have flagged a possible descent from top of rocky dingo going down he north side beside the fire break road , towards the old castle

linking into the bypass track then using the old road to finish on panguna street.

we propose this trail will be built via cairns mtb club trail crew + working bees

Number 6 - New flagship enduro trail ( kingfishers)

From the top of the World Cup downhill shuttle road there is a very natural ridge with lots of big rock zones and raw natural root sections, that runs the full length of the hill and joins into black marlin

this trail will be all hand built with minimal digging/benching/berm work to keep the raw real feel

we propose This trail will be built with 50/50 from professional and cairns mtb trail crew/ working bees

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