About Canberra Chargers

Canberra Chargers Wheelchair Basketball is a non-for-profit community based club that looks to promote health and friendships through wheelchair basketball. We are an all inclusive club that doesn't restrict, but encourages participation from players of all ages, experience and disability levels. The Chargers are a forward thinking sporting organisation that is always at the forefront of anything to do with the health of those who have a disability. However, still looking to remain competitive and successful at our tournaments. As they say "Winners are Grinners!" Our club has experienced tremendous growth over the last 12 months due to a lot of hard work and dedication. With this growth we have been able to enter more compeititons and enable participants a greater sense of pride and passion within themselves. However, with these great strides forward the club requires funds to maintain and purchase quality sporting equpiment, that is specific to the needs of athletes with disabilities.
  • Patrick Reid


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