About the project

We are a young community sports club providing increased physical activities and mental health benefits to improve peoples' health and fitness. Increased physical activity leads to better health outcomes for the community. We provide a valuable network, team and community for people to belong to. We have established a Women's Football Team in 2020 to address an inequality in the ability for Women to play football in the community. This has seen an overwhelming response from the community but has also required a significant financial investment from the club. 

The local council need to remove our old scoreboard as it is deemed too close to the boundary of the playing fields. Council will remove it, but we need to replace the scoreboard. We have an opportunity to purchase a new electronic scoreboard, but this is an unexpected cost to the club which we need help with to fund. The new scoreboard will allow volunteers to operate it remotely so they won't be sitting in the winter weather conditions. It is a moderately priced option sourced from a local supplier who is prepared to offer a discount if we can raise the money in time. 

Fund raising is difficult for the club as we don't have proper club rooms to encourage increased revenue. We have a submission in with council to build new club rooms but this will take time and continue to limit our fund raising abilities. You support through a tax deductible donation would be greatly appreciated.

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