About the project

The CASAR Park concept was born in 2010 soon after the closure of Oran Park Raceway in western Sydney, leaving one remaining facility in the Sydney region. As motor sport participants and enthusiasts, we felt that the motor sport community was being denied a reasonable opportunity to enjoy our activity so we set about developing a business model for an economically sustainable not-for-profit venue. In November 2011 we presented our idea to the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council. They identified a 140 hectare parcel that was far enough away from residents to ensure minimal noise impact, yet close enough to the Sydney-Newcastle freeway to make it easily accessible to visitors and participants. In August 2015 we signed a 60 year lease over this land. In the intervening period we were nominated in the top 5 (out of 42) tourism infrastructure catalyst projects by Central Coast Tourism, and currently feature as part of Priority One from their Destination Management Plan. In August 2013 we received formal support from Wyong Shire Council and proceeded to kick off fundraising to support our Development Application (DA). In May 2014 we raised sufficient funds to cover the costs of our DA studies and submitted our DA on 30th June 2015. As of July 2015, we are actively seeking government and private sector funds to cover the $18million cost of construction. In order to undertake this fundraising we require support from Accountants, Lawyers, Graphic Designers and other professionals. We are seeking donations to assist with these costs together with the volunteer and in-kind support we already receive. By covering these costs ourselves, we won't need to "sell out" to private investors and thus we can ensure that the CASAR Park Community Motor Sport Facility remains a venue for the benefit of the motor sport community.

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