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The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on society as we know it. The economic ramifications will see many businesses struggle to recover with the long term collateral damage yet to be seen. The Central District Football Club is in peril of being a victim of these circumstances.

Imagine the prospect of no more Central District Football Club because it is a real possibility.

To secure the future of the Doggies some exceptional financial support is required.

This can be accomplished by the coming together of like-minded people to form an association to be called The Dog Pack with the aim of providing the financial support required to not only see the club survive this crisis but to go into the future and once again thrive.

We invite you to become a member of The Dog Pack by making a voluntary tax deductible donation of $500, that's less than $1.40 a day over a year and it's tax deductible to boot! We recognise everyone’s circumstances are different so donations can start at $100 to support the Dog Pack.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation to become a member of the Dog Pack.

Once established funds raised each year by The Dog Pack will be used to ensure the club can prosper in the future.

The target is to secure 500 plus Dog Pack members that are prepared to secure the future of our great club.

The Dog Pack 

Getting the club back on track.



    Never Yield - Your Club Needs You: SAVE OUR CLUB! The Central District Football Club’s future is in jeopardy due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Centrals is more than just a Football Club it is a great escape for the wider community of…

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    Forever Yield to None!

  • Brett Hannam

    Sad news to hear about this situation with Central FC. Good luck with the fundraising efforts! Regards, Brett (Hurricane) Hannam 1984-86 - Captain 1985. PS I will add this situation to my list of benefactors if I can have some luck and WIN a BIG Lotto prize.

  • Greg Edwards

    Much respect for a great Club

  • Geoffrey Jenkins

    I have followed Centrals since their first league game against Torrens in 1964. Bones Bentley is my sister in law's brother and he played at full back that day. I've been a supporter and volunteer over the years and I love the club. I can't get there as often as I'd like but still follow the club and buy a membership when I can afford it. I've got a few mates there and now OUR club needs us so I'm giving what I can so we can be great again.

  • Matthew Slade

    Let’s get the Dogs back to becoming the Powerhouse it was.

  • Neville OBrien

    I donation $1.900.00 back in1980 2020 I donation $500

  • Craig Arrighi

    Great memories, great club, great people. As a lifelong supporter and former official, I want this club to survive for future generations.

  • David France

    Go Doggies. - Dak France

  • Nathan Casserly

    Casserly Family


    Great memories, great friendships and plenty more years to come.

  • Stuart Dew

    I am a proud Bulldogs supporter who was lucky enough to pull on the guernsey. A lifetime of memories of watching and playing. Let's secure these opportunities for the next generation. Support this great club we all love. Stuart Dew

  • David Bubner

    Keep the dogs running!

  • Quinton Graham

    Cede Nullis

  • Peter Krieg

    CDFC is a great club with fantastic people. The friendships, mateship and enjoyment obtained from the years at the club I am forever grateful for. I hope the club actually strengthens further from this period. Thank You Central District Football Club and stay strong.

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