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Fundraising Goal: $500,000

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The Clare Sports Club is an established Incorporated Body (including representation from local sporting clubs) which exists to promote and manage sporting activities and facilities.

The Clare Oval sporting groups currently utilise a number of freestanding facilities, including a grandstand, hospitality amenities, change rooms and canteen. With club facilities being dispersed over a number of buildings, all of which are at the end of their useable life, the usage of the facilities proves challenging in many ways. Additionally, the state of the oval does not provide consistent or reliable conditions, and restricts its usage dramatically. Projects planned to ensure the long term needs of the community are met include:

  • Oval Surface - Water availability has significantly changed since the oval was resurfaced with Kikuyu base, with water now being readily available direct from a water treatment plant. With this security, redesign and reconstruction of the oval turf will ensure a long-term solution. 
  • Oval Lighting – It is proposed that the existing lighting towers be decommissioned and demolished as a high priority due to identified safety concerns, and replaced with new 25m light towers. The towers are to provide lighting illuminance levels compliant with a State facility (200 lux), as set out by the AFL Preferred Facilities Guidelines. The lighting levels will allow for the introduction of night competition for both football and cricket, and would be suitable to support high level events and competition.
  • Community Clubrooms - It is proposed that the existing freestanding facilities, including the grandstand, hospitality amenities, change rooms and canteen be demolished and replaced with a purpose built facility which will consolidate the needs of the user groups into one modern facility. The facility is aimed at achieving the State Level requirements as identified by the AFL Preferred Facilities Guidelines. The establishment of a State League facility will provide the ability for Clare to host an increased number, range and level of events. The possibilities range from local and regional events to large National and International events, including competitions and exhibitions (matches, games). The facility will be desirable to event organisers as it will deliver reliable and high level facilities which are usable for a variety of sporting and other events.


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