About the project

The Claremont Nedlands Cricket Club is seeking to raise $150,000 towards redevelopment of the McKenzie Pavilion. The Club has committed to contribute $75,000 to the Town of Claremont towards the project and is raising a further $75,000 for cricket specific redevelopment costs.

The redevelopment is being co-funded by the Town of Claremont, the Federal Government and CSRFF with contributions of $75,000 each from CNCC and Westside Wolves Hockey Club.

The purpose of this project is to provide a modern, safe and inviting multi-purpose community sport and recreation facility that meets the operational requirements of two Regional and State grade sporting groups (cricket and hockey clubs) whilst also providing a functional meeting and multipurpose space for the greater Claremont community.  

There is very strong support for the redevelopment of the existing facility both across the wider community and from the two primary sporting user groups (Claremont-Nedlands Cricket Club and Westside Wolves Hockey Club). The current facility is fifty (50) years old, well beyond its practical useful life and not able to respond to the basic club and community expectations, particularly the increase of female and junior members (and the consequential need for dedicated facilities) in recent years.

The current facility only has two female toilets and no female changing facilities, and whilst both clubs and the Town of Claremont have sought to provide interim solutions to these limited facilities, the long term sustainability of these sporting clubs depends on the ability to provide suitable standards of facilities to the wide range of demographics who regularly participate in this sport, and therefore use this building.

The facility proposed under this redevelopment proposal will cater for community sports participants and promote a more inclusive environment for all members of the community, particularly for female participants and people with disabilities who are not adequately catered for at present. In turn, this will make the facilities more attractive to other community groups who will be more likely to hire the facilities and use the reserve for physical activity.  

The new facility will also provide the capacity for use by other community groups from across the western suburbs, outside of regular sports training and game times for the two main user groups.

Through the club's partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please show your support by making a tax deductible donation today! 

  • John Gardner

    Long overdue, but finally looking like happening thanks to the perseverance of Jamie Roberts and Co. Great stuff!

  • Mark Davies

    Fantastic to have such a great facility coming. Can't wait to see it. Well done to Flash and all the committee for getting it off the ground.

  • Jeremy King

    Can't understand why the annual raffle ticket drive lead by Leo McManus couldn't cover this. Off the wicket! Are you right for Sunday?

  • Ben Farquharson

    Would be fantastic to see the new facility, good luck and all the best.

  • Emma Read

    This is a fantastic opportunity for us to improve facilities for players and club members, and to leave a legacy for the future. We all benefit from increasing female participation in sport so let's work together to remove the barriers.

  • Mack Hall

    Best wishes for the project,

  • stephen Williams

    Fond memories of a fantastic cricket club where I played In the 1970s,80s,90s. Looking forward to having a beer in the new pavilion with some old mates.

  • James Roberts

    Thanks to everyone for helping to build a new home for the Tiger family.

  • Leo McManus

    I urge all former players and supporters to donate to this once in a lifetime project that will help grow this great cricket club and ensure it prospers into the future.

  • Tim Smart

    Go Tigers!

  • Rod Eddington

    Eddington Family

  • Henry Simmons

    My kids got their introduction to cricket through your club and loved it. Despite being from Lancashire I learned something about the game along with them. No Yorkshireman would have made such an admission!

  • Mark Brayshaw

    The Brayshaws and Cresswell Park go back a long way. I well remember filling in for the 1sts for a few overs and fielding at square leg in the mid 80's when Norman Cowans opened the bowling. Talk about quick! Speaking of Normie, I wasn't there to see it myself but I'm reliably advised that he hit the 2nd biggest "Dorothy" of all time at Creswell Park ...

  • Dean Farmer

    Great cause for the local community

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