About the project

A Foundation Reserve presents a valuable means to ensure the Club’s on-going commitment to fostering the generations of golfers to come. By establishing this reserve, we and future members will be well placed to provide a solid and permanent structure to help our Club meet our vision of supporting, at least over the next century, the great sport of golf. 

The principal object of the Foundation Reserve is to establish the mid- to long-term financial strength of the Club by providing capital funds to assist over time that can do the following:

  • establish a capital base that can contribute funds to the Club for particular capital works, such as major renovations and improvements to the present infrastructure of the Club
  • to support the future development of golf at the Club and in the community it serves through youth development and youth coaching programmes; and
  • establish a capital fund that can be readily available (if the need arises) to assist the Club in funding an unforeseen crisis - in other words, an insurance policy against vagaries and difficulties for the Club that could adversely affect or jeopardise the life of the Club and the Club life of its members.

You will be satisfied in the knowledge that you will have made a valued contribution to the ongoing development of both the Club’s facilities and golfing programmes. 


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