About the project

Netball Australia is seeking to enhance its investment in the Australian Diamonds pathway by expanding the Wellbeing Program to all identified athletes. Diamonds Circle will empower athletes to flourish on and off the court during and after their netball career. It will help the Australian Diamonds to be the best in the world. Your investment in Diamonds Circle will assist in key support areas, such as: • Lifestyle management • Physical health • Mental health • Career counselling and planning • Personal development and training courses • Educational guidance • Employment preparation • Career referral networks • The transition to professional netball • The transition into retirement from professional netball • Performance enhancement • Endorsed referral network • Hardship fund • Research and resources to minimise risk of injuries and advance rehabilitation practices • Dedicated state, territory and national wellbeing and professional development roles


  • Meredith Hellicar

    The Diamonds are an impressive "leaderful" team - role models for all our netball players and all in our community seeking leaders to emulate

  • Gayle Philpotts

    Supporting past, current and future diamonds players is a great investment in our sport, our communities and in these amazing role models.

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