About the project

The Coolbellup Amateur Football Club is a club of choice for attracting young indigenous footballers and support staff. The Club caters for predominantly players and families from the local community (many predominantly disadvantaged) with a large proportion of indigenous players and support staff, providing a much needed community facility, social meeting place, sports outlet and healthy interest that otherwise is not conveniently available to them.

The Club is well established in the community and has long-serving dedicated and hard-working volunteers and committee to ensure its viability during tough financial times. The Club has fielded one team in the WA Amateur League Australian Rules football competition in past years.

The number of signings this year of particularly indigenous and disadvantaged players has encouraged the Club to expand and enter a second (reserves) team in the WA Amateur Football League competition. This will attract additional costs in registration fees for the second team for the season, plus the need for playing uniforms and increased medical requirements. Unfortunately the resources of a bulk of the players to contribute to the high up front and initialisation costs is limited. Currently there are 85 registered players on the books, up from 65 last year. 60% of registered players are from an indigenous background.

Consequently the Club is seeking to raise funds to cover initial establishment costs as follows:

  1. First season registration costs for second team                          $3,100
  2. Extra set of league approved playing guernseys and shorts     $2,400
  3. Medical supplies, strapping tapes and water bottles                   $300

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