About the project

The Coughlin Park Management Committee which consists of the Horsham Saints Football Netball Club, Horsham Saints Cricket Club, Coughlin Park Bowls Club, St. Michaels Tennis Club, St. Brigids College and the Sts Michael & John Catholic Parish Horsham are endeavouring to raise money to install a picket fence around Coughlin Park.

This project will tie in with the playing surface and drainage upgrades that the ground will be undergoing this spring and summer.

We’re hoping to raise $60,000 and through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations to this project are fully tax deductible! 

We are encouraging our members, supporters and community members to donate and to say thank you, donors can have their name and chosen club logo featured on a picket.

Picket donation levels are as follows (remember, these are fully tax deductible);

$100 From the Saints coaches box to opposition run out (in front of the community centre).

$75 Opposition run out to opposition coaches box and our coaches box to cricket nets.

$60 Opposition coaches box to Hamilton Street goals and cricket nets to northern goal posts

$50 Other side of ground (scoreboard side).

After donating, please email CoughlinParkPicketFence@gmail.com to advise us of the name and logo you would like on your picket.

If you would like multiple pickets, in your email please let us know the names for the pickets and the value of each picket.

Logos available are; Football/Netball Club, Cricket Club, Bowls Club, Tennis Club, St. Brigids College and the Horsham Catholic Parish.

We hope that you’ll support this vital community project and in the process, leave your mark at Coughlin Park!

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