About the project

We would like to provide more opportunities for our members to develop their game to their utmost potential and provide more financial support to enable them to compete at national level. We want to encourage them to strive towards advanced levels of play and to represent our state without the financial burden it may impose. The cost of participation is prohibitive for many aspiring players, so much so that they are unable to accept positions on the team. Others will only participate if the competition is in a state that is close to SA, or in SA itself, because of the cost involved.

State team members are responsible for airfares, accommodation, meals, extra uniform purchases (e.g. tracksuit, long sleeve tops) and travelling expenses to venues. Players outlay $1500 - $2000 to compete depending on the location. Donations will be divided equally for teams to use for travel, accommodation and meals, and cost of uniforms.

There are two recognised forms of croquet in Australia that are played at national level which are Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. We currently compete in annual national team events for both codes with each team comprising ten players - five men and five women, therefore we have twenty elite players annually competing at a national level. These events are played in major capital cities around Australia on a rotating basis. 


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