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Council is rebuilding our clubrooms. We have used the old rooms for nearly 40 years and they are truly showing their age. We do not have separate change rooms or shower facilities for women or youth players; everyone must share. Also, the facility is cold and damp; there are persistent water leaks and musty odour throughout. In the rebuild there will be an open-plan function space, kitchen, expanded change areas, dedicated change rooms for female players, a press/media room, and a club office. $50,000 will purchase tables and chairs for the open floor venue, new appliances and other kitchen equipment, audio/video equipment, and signage showing change rooms, toilets, etc. Croydon Rangers Clubrooms are a meeting place for players, coaches, staff and volunteers; over 500 people from Croydon and surrounding suburbs. A "home away from home" for many people of modest means, seeking companionship and social support. Please donate today. 

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