About the project

Curling has started taking off here in Perth, and it's time for our sport to take the next step and build a dedicated curling facility that has world-class curling ice available all week, every week. 

The objective of this project will be to fund a 5-sheet curling facility that meets international competition standards.

A dedicated facility will create a multitude of opportunities for programs for members and casual players of all ages and abilities. We will be able to establish a club environment where community connectedness can grow and national and international visitors can join for events from friendly tours to world curling championships.

We expect to host:

- National Championships

- World Curling Federation tour events

- Welcome to Worlds senior tour and other competitive/social touring groups

The total cost for the project will be $3-5 million, so we will need to raise funds from multiple sources. 

1) World Curling Federation will provide loans and logistical support

2) State and Federal Government grants and programs

3) Private donations

4) Facilities levies on membership fees

Your donations, in addition to directly contributing to the project and tax deductible for you, signal the level of demand and commitment that exists in the curling community for this project to potential funding sources. So please consider making a contribution, even if you can only contribute a small amount.

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