About the project

Recent modifications and additions to infrastructure and sporting fields at Edinburgh Oval, although improving the physical facilities in many aspects, has impacted the ability for game day rugby enthusiasts (i.e. our beloved supporters) to maximise their involvement and viewing experience. Of particular note the current quality, availability and locality of key provisions such as seating, food and beverage services, and shading can be improved.

Curtin University Rugby Union Football Club Inc. are seeking donations that will contribute towards establishing an environment that fully enables inclusion, atmosphere and interaction during game day. Current plans are to:

* Purchase refrigerated and/or mobile storage for food and beverages; and

* Source additional and/or enhance seating options for supporters and alike.


  • Curtin University Rugby Union Football Club

    Volunteer Management and Upskilling: As like most community sports clubs, Volunteers are at the heart of Curtin Rugby. These valued members give their time and effort to ensure that everyone's experience is as good as it could be. As such, Curtin…

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