About the project

With all main sporting clubs now over 50 years old and with over 5 Auskick Teams, 6 Primary School Age Football Teams, 6 Junior Cricket Teams, 1 Senior Cricket Team and 1 Senior Social Cricket Team this building is just simply is not up to standard. It will give each club room to grow these sports and others in the area.

Darlington Pavilion Project Stage 1 & Stage 2

We currently have already received and have funded the Construction Darlington Pavilion Project Stage 1 which is a community rooms adjoining the current change rooms. 

We have now started stage 2 with a total budget of $400,000 with the generous support form one local which has given us an interest fee loan of $80,000 which we need to repay

This is a Community Funded Project and the works will be completed by DaSRA Inc under the current agreement with the Mundaring Shire in which DaSRA will have a 12 Year Lease over the full site.

Whilst the local shire has contributed to some earth works surrounding the project and upgrade of the access road and parking, the stage one building itself, the fund were raised by the community

Stage 2 is the refurbishment of the existing change rooms and whilst again the Shire has allowed for some of its maintenance budget to use used on upgrades the rest is being funded again by the community. This building was originally built in the early 70’s and this upgrade is better suited to enable the use by both all at the same time and will help advance the lack of facilities for all genders

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DaSRA was formed out of the long-standing Darlington Community Recreational Management Committee (DCRMC) which is a standing committee of the Shire of Mundaring comprised of representatives from the following who would give advice to the Mundaring Shire over the sports and Recreational Facilities in Darlington . This group was made up of representatives from 

Darlington Arts Festival

Darlington Junior Football Club

Darlington Junior Cricket Club

Darlington Social Cricket Club

Darlington Club

Darlington Rate Payers Association

Darlington Tennis Club

Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Darlington Primary School P&C

One Mundaring Councilor

Two Community Members

  • Jan McMillan

    The Pavillion looks beautiful and I hope it is enjoyed by many in the years to come. My hearty congratulations to the team for all their hard efforts in planning and completing the project.

  • colin james

    A community driven project for the community so needs everybody's support.

  • Dale and Rebecca Gallagher

    Thank you to all the volunteers helping create this beautiful recreation space for our community.

  • Malcolm Firth

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ben Harvey

    Huge congrats and thanks to those who have put in so much time to this cause.

  • DaSRA

    Great Community Project - Looking forward to seeing all the names on the wall

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