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Solo Sailor for the Disabled

Will Fantom has lived with a disability for most of his life and has a dream of circumnavigating the globe on his yacht ‘SV Skeese’ in a world first with his dog Mistchief.

Will has a desire to give back, help others and to bring about awareness of the benefits of sailing – “The peacefulness of the water and the feeling of the wind with the tranquil rocking of the boat for me has given me hope and direction in my life, with new purpose and focus to raise much needed funds for Sailing clubs and programs catering to people living with a disability”.

Will is devoting the next ten years to sail around Australia and the world to inspire people to chase their dreams and to show what can be achieved regardless of ability, with all funds raised going to support Para-Sailing programs around Australia.

“I am hoping to get 1000 people to make a $100 tax deductible donation to the cause which will enable more people with a disability to experience the sport of Sailing like I have”.

Will is aiming to raise $2 for every nautical kilometre in his first year around Australia's 59,736km coastline.

Follow Will’s journey on his facebook page here and track him in real time via satellite here.

Para-Sailing Fund

Funds raised towards this fundraising project will go towards a national pool of funds to be given to clubs and individuals as grants to promote the development and awareness of Sailing programs for people with a disability in Australia.

Specialized equipment, adaptive programs and accessible facilities are needed to ensure people with a disability have access to the sport of Sailing.

From social participants to elite athletes, Sailing has the ability to enhance people’s lives and get more people with a disability more active more often.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and support aspiring sailors with a disability around Australia get on the water.

Photos: Newcastle Weekly/Peter Stoop.


  • Dee Healey

    Go Willi. What an inspiration you are. Overcoming such adversity to help others.

  • Kath Hayes

    I hope you are back out sailing the seas soon :)

  • tina circosta

    Time with T - Will you are an absolute inspiration! You have found your purpose & have surrendered to love and light.

  • Christine Gregory

    Thank you Willi. You have made my day 😊

  • William Reynolds

    My name is Will. I am 8 years old. I saw you on The Project tonight and I said to my mum that we should donate. My message is 'I wish you to feed your dog and stay healthy' and 'get a new boat' and 'keep doing the things that you do'.

  • Steph Collett

    Wishing you and Captain Mischief the best!

  • Eric Harris

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune Will... but well done for \"giving it a crack\" ! Very inspiring and for a great cause... Best wishes to you!

  • Helen de la Perrelle

    I hope you keep sailing.

  • Katrina Kytka

    Keep up the good work! Sailing solo takes courage.

  • Dirk Weyer

    Your doing a great job Captain Willi,watch those whales off the port bow matey.

  • Rick Payne

    My apologies for missing you while you were here in Kettering! I wish you fair winds and amazing adventures buddy! Regards Rick Payne

  • Akin Turk

    We are Australian deserves better and equally disability alders youngest women and men homeless we sport first Australian. I'm proud bee come Australian.

  • Christopher Carr

    Great work Will! Enjoying all the updates. Would the Formosa have made it??

  • Michelle Sly

    Good luck Will and Mischief. Enjoy the journey.

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