About the project

The Donaldson Park Reserve Committee of Management manages the major recreation reserve in Wedderburn which provides opportunities for football, netball, hockey, tennis, bowls, harness racing and various other activities and events including most sporting activities conducted by Wedderburn College. A Master Plan was prepared for Donaldson Park and this plan recommended the development of a new pavilion on the current site which will include social facilities for 120 people, kitchen, kiosk, bar, toilets, change facilities, meeting room, and harness racing administration facilities. A Steering Committee has been established and a draft plan of the new building is currently being finalised and will be submitted to the Donaldson Park Reserve Committee of Management for approval. Loddon Shire Council has recently approved an allocation of up to $30,000 to fund the preparation of a detailed plan before funding for the project can be sought. It is estimated that this new facility will cost in the region of $3.5million and the Committee is investigating all possible avenues for funding as well as seeking local contributions from all the current users of the Reserve.

The Wedderburn community is a small town with a big heart. We are dedicated to ensuring a thriving future for our sporting, artistic, scholastic and social community. In order to achieve our goal, we are striving to develop a sustainable multipurpose complex at Wedderburn Donaldson Park. This development will provide facilities for all of the users at the park for future generations, including:

• Australian Rules Football

• Harness Racing

• Hockey

• Netball

• Wedderburn College (sport, performance and exam venue)

• Catering facility

• Community CARE group venue

• Community events

• Conference centre

• Cultural Arts centre

• Funeral reception centre

We are working towards being 'shovel ready' by early 2018. We are a robust, passionate and proud district and township of 1200 people, and we are digging deep to fundraise for this complex but we cannot achieve this alone.

We still need your help, so please support this vital community project by making a tax deductible donation today! Thankyou, we are grateful for your support.

  • Tony-Alex Holt

    The new Donaldson Park Complex will build a better future for the wonderful Wedderburn community and thus we wholeheartedly support this initiative.

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