About the project

Your Capital Projects Subcommittee, consisting of Steve Burdett, Stephen Duckett, Stuart Crole, Glen Crosbie, Brian McDonald, Paul Hemsley and Janine Ahern have been steadily progressing renovations and improvements to our facilities.

Significant upgrades to the EFLTC Hall have been completed.

Stage 1 - Hall Upgrade (2019-2020)

Improvements to the Hall including:

  • New Deck
  • Renovated hall, hall kitchen and bathrooms
  • New front garden.

Stage 2 - Club Facilities Improvements

We are seeking support from our members and the community to help fund the following projects to improve and reinvigorate the Tennis Club facilities including:

  • Shaded Viewing Tunnel on Western Courts
  • Extend low fence along southern bank
  • Car Park Fence and walkway
  • Landscaping under deck
  • Widening of south entry steps and rendering and/or painting of brickwork  
  • Canopy over southern entry
  • Benches for the deck
  • Acoustic Panels to Deck Ceiling
  • Clubrooms renovation
  • Western hard court floodlighting

Will you help us make it all happen?

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please show your support for this vital community project by making a tax deductible today!



    100Club: The 100Club has been established to support promising talent at EFLTC. Become a Member of 100Club by making a tax-deductible donation of $100.

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  • Tony Unkovich

    Thanks Tony - Kit

  • Graeme Smith

    Thanks Graeme Kit

  • Julie Green

    Great things are happening to this wonderful club the best location in Perth.

  • Brian McDonald

    Let's help to transform this club, and turn vision into reality. Thanks to those many that have already volunteered hundreds of hours of their time to help make this happen.

  • Paul Hemsley

    Help make our History.

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