About the project

The East Fremantle Yacht Club started this campaign because we want to take a stand against ocean plastics!

Our goal is to raise enough money to bring Seabins to the East Fremantle Yacht Club as I want to give East Fremantle and Bicton the opportunity to reduce its plastic pollution impact on the ocean and Swan River.

I need your help to raise money to buy a Seabin, a revolutionary ocean cleaning technology which is essentially a floating rubbish bin that operates 24/7 catching all floating debris in the water. 

The Seabin helps clean the ocean of floating debris which in turn creates cleaner oceans and we all benefit from this in one way or another. I mean, who really wants to swim in pollution? Not me that’s for sure!

Did you know that 300 million tons of plastic are produced in the world every year, half of which is for single use products, from this more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. We need to do something about it and now with the purchase of a Seabin we can all participate and make a difference! 


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    St Ayles Skiff Project: The East Fremantle Yacht Club St Ayles Skiffs Project, is designed to develop relationships within our community with all ages and demographics, through the purchase and build of two St Ayles Skiff vessels.

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  • Michelle Davenport

    Great idea!!

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