About the project

EBC members are demanding new facilities to chapter for all boats at all water levels. EBC subcommittee has developed a staged plan to develop the these facilities. If EBC raise all of the required funds by end of Jan, the project will commence in February as the water level drops and the land drys out. We will also build a 11,000sq m hard stand parking area for boats. Potentially in the future we will be able to build slipping sheds and dry storage sheds.

Stages 2 is concrete ramp, tractor and trailer, to be commence at a future date.

Stage 3 is concrete to hard stand and sheds

Your tax deductible donation over $2.00 will help assist us in providing these new facilities.


  • Mark Cockburn

    All the best with this venture and hoping the Club receives a satisfactory level of commitment from the members involved.

  • Robert McGeary

    Happy to support the program in the best interests of the long term develpement of the boat club and the future house boat builds.

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