About the project

Members have highlighted the need to update the maintenance and styling of the clubhouse. EBC clubhouse is 20 years old, much needed maintenance is underway, as is an updating of the internals of the club. The chairs in the bistro are 20 years old and are part of the the club house refurbishment plan as outlined in summer Watermark Magazine, which also includes carpet, paint, bar, toilets, and external paint and cladding.

Following the results from the survey, some members they would like to see some new chairs without arms. Most members would like to see the the existing chairs recovered in an attractive commercial grade fabric. EBC is trying to raise the funds asap to get the chairs recovered and replaced over the next few months.

If all members give a little (tax deductible) EBC will be able to refurbish and replace the chairs as we update the clubhouse. We hope to undertake this stage of the refurbishment this year.


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  • Mark Cockburn

    Well done with organising this project. Looking forward to seeing the new look EBC clubhouse!

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