About the project

Horses can be unpredictable and with that comes risk. Riders can be injured, hospitalised or die as a result of horse-related accidents and injuries.

Equestrian Australia has established a program to assist riders who sustain injuries as a result of horse related accidents and incidents, such as a horse and/or rider falling or the rider being thrown from a horse.

Depending on available funds, riders who meet accident and injury criteria as determined by Equestrian Australia will receive funding to support their recovery. If you want to assist riders and share our commitment to this program, your donation to this program will be used to help pay for:
  •  unrecoverable hospitalisation costs; and/or
  •  unrecoverable therapy and medical costs.
so riders can return to the sport after an accident.   


  • Walter Berger

    The Equestrian sport in Australia is very under supported and deserves better. I hope my support will help make it a more mainstream sport

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