About the project

Be part of raising capital to provide practical mentoring programmes in Laverton for at-risk youth, where:

1. bike building skills will be attained;

2. bikes built by kids can be kept in return for increased school participation rates; and

3. self-sustaining community and social structures are developed for carrying on cycling activities.

Now in its third year, the Laverton cycling programme aims to build on the great success achieved in 2018, where 10 kids and relatives were positively affected by being involved in the dismantling, refurbishment, custom painting and re-assembly of bikes. Significant improvements were seen in school participation rates of most youths involved and their retention and enjoyment of the bikes that they built was a great source of community pride!

This year the aim is to run the bike building programme in concert with exploring with community leaders their ideas for how to create enduring social structures that can organise and host recreational cycling activities as an outlet for increased cycling opportunities and participation rates.

Please support this important community project by making a tax deductible donation today!


  • Travis Young

    Well done team, very proud to be associated

  • Yvonne McMahon

    Awesome ride for a brilliant cause.

  • Kimberley Thuijs

    Such a great cause!

  • Sofia Erhard

    Great initiative!

  • JOanne Deacon

    I support indigenous education and health outcomes.

  • Narelle Hall

    Well done Brad.

  • Alison Dalziel

    Well done!

  • Gayle Hall

    Way to go Brad, so glad you and your cyclists made it.

  • Sarah Blunt

    Well done Margie and your amazing team of mates. What a fantastic cause, changing life's making a difference - it is what counts. Huge congrats to you all

  • Sue Littleton

    Well done Marg Gollagher!!!

  • Robby Scheffer

    Hope you got lots of tail wind Margaret, I am proud of you.

  • Larissa Roth

    Looks amazing - have a great ride all!!! And a big well done to the support crew too! ☺️

  • Petro Van der Merwe

    Love what you guys are doing! Keep going!

  • Sabine Bird

    Go team! Great cause and lots to look forward to :-)

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