About the project

The WA Paras are Western Australia’s State football team for athletes with disabilities related to neurological impairment such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries (ABI), stroke injury and certain forms of motor neurone disease.

Football West has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to establish a tax-deductible fund to raise money to support these extraordinary players.

This tax-deductible fund will raise money to support Western Australia’s elite footballers with disabilities to ensure they can represent the black and gold at the highest national level with a goal to represent Australia on the world stage in the ‘Pararoos’.

A target of $15,000 has been established to fund players representing WA to travel to Sydney for the Australian National CP Football Championship in September/October.

Please help our athletes by making a tax deductible donation today!

  • Sue Minutillo

    Most dedicated team in WA and also THE BEST TEAM IN WA 💪🏻💪🏻 Congrats on the silver medal 🥈 We are so proud of you all and wish you all the luck in the world for the future 😃😃

  • Greg Mason

    Best wishes to everyone. Have fun and enjoy the week. Go Matilda.

  • Matilda Mason


  • Clare Rice

    Best wishes guys!

  • Lee Bell

    Go you Para footballers! Proud to see you representing Western Australia. You are an inspiration to all.

  • Mick Owens

    Good luck guys. Enjoy yourselves. Dianella Soccer Club are 100% behind you.

  • Natasha Bowden

    My son with CPhas just joined the Perth youth team and we are so happy that he has found a sport in which he can participate in a level playing field. We are also glad that if he works hard he has the opportunity to do great things in this sport! Best of luck in living your dreams team!!

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