About Forrest Tennis Club

Forrest Tennis Club is working to reverse a decline in membership numbers by December 2017 focusing on juniors (5-17) and young adults (18-25.) We are developing a number of strategies that target retention and foster recruitment. One of which has been to introduce coaching services with a priority to develop a junior program. Canberra Tennis Academy with principal Andrew Bulley was appointed 1 February 2017. Another action was to reduce annual fees for families, juniors and young adults. As part of the infrastructure development, the Club seeks to construct two national tournament level courts, a new practice wall, mini courts and a new facility for coaching services. Two 'Plexicushion' surface courts will replace two 'Modgrass' courts that are overdue for replacement. This surface is in use for both the Australian and US Open Championships and will appeal to young players aspiring to tournament level. Four other 'Modgrass' courts will remain in use during this redevelopment phase with future court development dependent on members' preferences. Having tax-deductible status for our club will greatly assist our fund-raising efforts as we work to encourage greater youth involvement in this game for all ages.

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